How to Cite

Per the ScPCA Portal Terms of Use, users must cite the following when publishing or presenting data or your results:

Citing a project

Please review the project page for the project you cite for any specific citation language included in the project abstract from the data contributor and any listed publications. You can view the project page by substituting the project accession code in the following URL:{project accession}, e.g., to find the project page for SCPCP000004, you can navigate to The link to the project page is also included in the Citation section of the README included in your download.

Please note that although we try to keep the publication information as up-to-date as possible, the citation information available on the ScPCA Portal may lag behind publication. Please consider contacting the project contact (also available on the project page) if no publications are listed.

Citing the ScPCA Portal

When citing the ScPCA Portal, please cite the following preprint:

Hawkins A. G., J. A. Shapiro, S. J. Spielman, D. S. Mejia, D. V. Prasad, et al., 2024 The Single-cell Pediatric Cancer Atlas: Data portal and open-source tools for single-cell transcriptomics of pediatric tumors. bioRxiv.